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Mentoring young men who are or could be involved in an unplanned pregnancy.

About Us


Mission Statement

Sons of Keturah's purpose is to address the educational, emotional and spiritual needs of young fathers and fathers-to-be to equip them to be productive and responsible family members following biblical principles, by supporting, training and equipping them in necessary life skills.


How We Started

Ruhamah was volunteering at the Pregnancy Help Center when a young couple with an unplanned pregnancy came in. The young women asked for help for the young man because he was lacking experience in being a father and no knowledge of how to provide and care for the mother and child. She was compelled to counsel him because there are no resources available for this type of counseling, not even at the Pregnancy Help Center. After a few meetings, the women reported that things were getting better and that he was showing signs of change. The couple decided to get married before the baby was born. After this encounter, Ruhamah noticed that there needed to be a program for young men to become better fathers so she and her husband founded Sons of Keturah. 



Ruhamah and her husband founded Sons of Keturah so that young men had a program to learn to be better fathers and husbands. 


Sons of Keturah is a nonprofit organization providing faith-based education to young men.